Daily Newspaper

The official newspaper of the exhibition and showcase contains interviews with key industry figures, industry news, and information and news from participants and the main industry players. Printed in full-colour, A4 format, with minimum circulation of 10,000, the newspaper is distributed to all the exhibitors and visitors at the event free of charge. Also, during the conference and showcase, the newspaper is delivered to ministries and embassies, and circulated among major hotels and business centres. Placing A4 format advertising in the newspaper will give you the opportunity to distribute your brochures or catalogues free of charge at the exhibition.

Placing advertising and articles in Daily News

Available sizes for advertisements:

Advert (from 100 to 240 sq. cm)
Advert (А5 - half page)
Advert (А4 - full page)
Advert (А3 - double page)

Information about sponsorship of the newspaper is available upon request from the organisers.