A full range of proposals from the Krukovsky Carriage Works (KVSZ)

A full range of proposals from the Krukovsky Carriage Works (KVSZ)

12 june 2019 0000

Sergey Klimenko, Head of Advertising Department, Krukovsky Carriage Works (KVSZ)

- Public Joint-Stock Company “Krukovsky Carriage Works” is the leading manufacturer of vehicles in Ukraine, including railway rolling stock. The company specializes in the development, full production cycle, maintenance and repair of rail freight and passenger cars of locomotive traction, metro cars, interregional high-speed trains, diesel trains and other engineering products.

At TransCaspian 2019 we present the full range of our products. These are more than 45 models of modern trunk freight and specialized wagons of various types and designs; 48 models and modifications of passenger cars, as well as various engineering products - escalators, containers, semi-trailers, cleaning machines, etc. However, being aware of the needs of the local market, we have focused on freight wagons. We have been participating in the work of the exhibition for several years, and based on the results of, for example, last year’s exhibition, we managed to supply a small amount of our freight rolling stock to Azerbaijan. I think that the results of this year’s participation will also bear fruit.