A well-deserved place in the large-capacity freight market

A well-deserved place in the large-capacity freight market

31 may 2023 0000

Turan Amirov, Marketing Manager at One Touch Trade & Logistics:

One Touch Trade & Logistics has been in operation for five years and is a major freight forwarding company in Azerbaijan's large tonnage freight market. During this time we have implemented many successful projects with shippers and have become an advanced participant in the transportation and logistics market in Azerbaijan and the CIS. We are mainly focused on cargo transportation from Russia and Iran to India, China, North Africa, and Europe.

We are also engaged in terminal operations and warehousing logistics. Another important area of our professional activity is consulting services.

The main task of One Touch Trade & Logistics is to build bridges between countries and companies. Every year Azerbaijan strengthens its position as a serious player in the world market, and we are interested in cooperation with more and more countries. From this point of view, participation in TransLogistica Caspian is very important. It has a positive effect on increasing brand awareness and helps our transformation into a global company.