An advanced direction in ultrasonic testing

An advanced direction in ultrasonic testing

12 june 2018 0000

Vadim Ustyanskiy, Commercial Director of OOO NPK Tehnovotum

- Tehnovotum is specialized in the development and production of equipment and technologies for non-destructive testing (NDT) and technical diagnostics. In addition to conventional diagnostic tools, we also offer solutions using multifunctional robotic systems. Among our offers are devices for various industries: aviation, nuclear, oil, railways, etc. There are both manual flaw detectors and automated installations with minimal human factor influence.

Our unique instruments allow us to control welded joints, detect defects in the welded joint, and presence of residual corrosion. In the field of aviation, diagnostics makes it possible to identify the voids of plastic non-globes, thickness gauges for metal with unilateral access.

At the TransCaspian 2018 exhibition we offer a large number of innovations. In particular, our new instruments on phased arrays, which are now considered an advanced direction in ultrasonic testing operations all over the world. Our enterprise already produces such systems designed, for example, for the control of railway rails, rolling stock elements - wheel sets, wagon wheels, during current repairs or production.

Our company participates in the exhibition for the second time in order to promote its products in the Azerbaijani market. Our target audience is representatives of railways, car repair facilities, metro and aviation.