Cargo transportation from Western Europe to Central Asia and the Caucasus

Cargo transportation from Western Europe to Central Asia and the Caucasus

5 june 2024 0000

The German logistics company TLO specializes in the transportation of oversized, large-sized, heavy, groupage, and project cargo from Western Europe to Central Asia and the Caucasus. Major warehouses are located in Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan. 95 percent of our transport routes utilize the Middle Corridor, passing through Azerbaijan, Georgia, and Türkiye.

This is our first time participating in the Caspian International Transport, Transit, and Logistics exhibition, despite TLO having served the Azerbaijani market for the past four years. This event presents a valuable opportunity for us to introduce ourselves to a wider audience. Moreover, we aim to showcase our expertise in handling oversized and heavy cargo. Our clients express particular interest in this specialized service, as it requires a level of expertise that not every company can offer. We pride ourselves on delivering German quality standards and strive to align our services and customer approach accordingly. We are always open to price discussions with our clients.

In my view, specialized exhibitions are essential as they offer a platform to establish key contacts and receive valuable business proposals. For instance, today we received visitors from Dubai who requested assistance with extracting stranded cargo from Europe. We will try our best to assist them.

Such exhibitions are crucial, particularly in emerging markets. In March of this year, I attended a forum in Astana where discussions revolved around expanding the Middle Corridor through investments. The existing transport route was ill-prepared for the current surge in cargo transportation volumes. This entails railway infrastructure, handling of oversized cargo, and the development of cargo trans-shipment hubs. The ferries have become congested, prompting a significant redirection of the primary cargo flow southwards, with transportation routes passing through Azerbaijan, Georgia, and Türkiye.

Gennadiy Gleyberman, Project Manager, TLO