Crucial logistical epicenter

Crucial logistical epicenter

24 May 2023 0000

Situated along the historic Silk Road, a mere 70 km south of Baku, the Port of Baku stands as a crucial logistical epicenter at the intersection of the East-West and North-South transport corridors. Endowed with advanced cargo handling systems, this prominent hub has established itself as a pivotal player in regional logistics. The Port of Baku holds the distinction of being the first in the region to earn the ESPO (Green Port) certification, testifying to its commitment to sustainable operations.

In addition, the United Nations has recognized the port with a Global Compact Membership, acknowledging its significant contributions towards achieving Sustainable Development Goals and bolstering resilient economic development within the region. Spanning an expansive area of 400 hectares, the Port of Baku comprises 13 bridges, including 2 ferry bridges, 2 Ro-Ro bridges, 7 general cargo bridges, a dedicated fertilizer terminal, and 2 service bridges.

With a capacity to handle an impressive 15 million tons annually and accommodate 100,000 TEU, the Port of Baku continues to serve as a key cornerstone in the region's transportation and commerce infrastructure.

The Port of Baku distinguishes itself through its comprehensive services and state-of-the-art facilities, catering to diverse trade and transit requirements across multiple geographical directions.

Our commitment to continually improving our operational and service standards, coupled with our strategic location and comprehensive facilities, make the Port of Baku a robust and reliable partner in the regional and global trade sectors.

For us at the Port of Baku, exhibitions such as TransLogistica Caspian 2023 are an opportunity to demonstrate our commitment to sustainable, technologically advanced, and customer-centric logistics solutions. They offer us a chance to highlight our unique features, such as our strategic location, diverse terminal capacities, advanced infrastructure, and high carrying capacity, as well as our commitment to green operations and sustainable development.

Our expectations from the upcoming TransLogistica Caspian 2023 exhibition are multifaceted. We aim to further solidify our position as a leading logistics hub in the region by showcasing our latest achievements and future plans. We hope to cultivate new relationships with potential partners, vendors, and clients, and strengthen our existing

ones. We're also looking forward to learning from our industry peers, exploring the latest trends, innovations, and best practices in the logistics and transportation sector.

We view the TransLogistica Caspian 2023 exhibition as an excellent opportunity to augment our visibility, expand our professional network, learn from our peers, and further reinforce the Port of Baku's standing as a key player in the regional and global logistics landscape