Exhibitions are a good marketing tool

Exhibitions are a good marketing tool

10 june 2024 0000

Robel as a company is well established. Next year we are celebrating our 150-years anniversary. Robel mainly focuses on manufacture of machines for track maintenance. At the very beginning we were producing small-size machines like those presented here. These are a very new version with battery power, but we also have these machines running on petrol. Over years, the company grew, so, now we are represented as Robel Group and offer all possible ways for track maintenance: big vehicles, measuring devices, devices for milling the rails. Our devices are also automated, so, we have a department with many software engineers who are looking for solutions that enable maintenance of tracks without human involvement.

Our strategy is to find proper partners in every country all over the world, partners who are in the know of political developments, who know the market and people on the market. We mainly work with companies funded by governments. So, about 96% of our services are delivered to national railway companies, while private companies are, unfortunately, not that many among our customers.

We have established contact with the Azerbaijan Railways company – we met today and tomorrow, and we will hope to come back to Azerbaijan to make a presentation about our machines. This is our main advertising activity: going to countries, showing what we can and after that people are able to convince themselves. We have very reliable machines which are easily operated and ready for work right away. They are very ergonomic, lightweight, easy to handle, and women can operate them easily on tracks. That is also something that makes our products unique.

Exhibitions are a good marketing tool as you showcase your products which in this way do their own advertising. We are participating in the exhibition for the first time and that is also the reason why we are not represented with more people at a large stand. Today is the first day of the exhibition, it was very busy this afternoon, and we got a lot of leads today and we will believe we will have more on the rest of the days. We hope to get a lot of inquiries and interest back from the persons we met today. Exhibitions make companies known to wider circles. Many logistic companies exhibiting at this exhibition operate via railways as well. It’s always very important to get some deeper insights of the country, to learn about the main players, what companies are in this business, who is doing maintenance on tracks, every information we can grab out of this exhibition will help us a lot to bring a proper solution for this country. It’s good to come to the exhibition to offer our attendees information about Robel and that it’s offering proper solutions for railways and transports and then the next step hopefully will be getting a chance to make presentations and negotiate deals. Also, the fact that the President of Azerbaijan visited the exhibition puts this event in the center of attention, which is so important for our small world where news travels fast.

Matthias Gruwaldt, Area Sales Manager