In-person communication has always remained a priority!

In-person communication has always remained a priority!

6 june 2024 0000

Today marks my inaugural visit to the Caspian International Transport, Transit, and Logistics exhibition. I am keen on exploring the potential for advancing transit logistics and importing cargo. Our company, Railana Multimodal, specializes in offering rail and road transport solutions. We handle a diverse range of shipments, transporting a wide array of goods from Europe to Azerbaijan and Central Asia, encompassing commodities ranging from chemical products to food items.

In the import sector, we work with the Azerbaijani company, Embawood. Moreover, Azerbaijan served as a crucial transit point for transporting “Borjomi” products through our network.

I frequently attend exhibitions. While TransLogistica Caspian may be relatively compact, the attendees are receptive to engaging in discussions; it feels more intimate than a conveyor belt. Here, you will not be left unattended. Railana Multimodal excels in rail transportation, leading to a plethora of opportunities, both from my end and, hopefully, from prospective partners. Given the current challenges posed by low capacity at border crossings, resulting in prolonged wait times for vehicles, the railway emerges as a highly efficient alternative. This operational efficiency translates into additional advantages for us.

It is important to highlight that alterations in transportation routes have resulted in increased prices for products. Nevertheless, the sustained demand indicates a corresponding supply to meet market needs.

Previously, 95% of cargo flow traversed through Russia, with Azerbaijan rarely considered as a transit state, except in cases when the route extended to Iran. However, Azerbaijan and Georgia have now emerged as the primary transit countries.

I am pleased that I visited Baku and participated in a specialized exhibition. Such events hold significance as they provide a platform to reconnect with old acquaintances while exploring new opportunities. While information is available on the Internet, the depth and breadth of knowledge showcased at exhibitions far surpasses that online. Moreover, a partner who can personally represent their company at such events instils greater confidence. In-person communication has always remained a priority over virtual platforms.

Andrius Giedrys, Commercial Director, RAILANA MULTIMODAL