Innovations for Azerbaijan Railways and Baku Metro

Innovations for Azerbaijan Railways and Baku Metro

11 june 2019 0000

Vitaliy Sidorov, Head of Marketing, MTZ Transmash

Moscow Brake Plant TRANSMASH is the leading and most experienced Russian developer, manufacturer and supplier of high-performance brake system components that ensure safety in the movement of railway and metro rolling stock. The company's products were widely used in the Soviet Union and are still used in Russia and the CIS countries on about two million freight cars and almost 50,000 locomotives. All of them are fitted with our brake systems.

We actively cooperate with Azerbaijan Railways. The countries carriage services have acquired our components and brake control test stands. The cars of the Mytishchi Carriage Works operating on the Baku Metro are also equipped with our braking systems. Today we present a number of new products, among which I would like to mention a block system for locomotives. In contrast to the main units used earlier, it is a single system in the driver's cab, in which all the devices are assembled in one block. The driver controls the joystick, and the system allows you to control the operation of the components and mechanisms, as well as protecting the well-being of the driver himself in case of unforeseen circumstances.

We, with some interruptions, are regular exhibitors. Today, our task is to acquaint the representatives of the Azerbaijan Railway and the Baku Metro with new products, and to hold the necessary meetings and negotiations on expanding cooperation. The exhibition presents opportunities for this.