Know-how of high-speed electric trains

Know-how of high-speed electric trains

12 June 2018 0000

Sergey Klimenko, Head of the Advertising Department at PJSC Kryukov Railway Car Building Plant

- The Ukrainian machine-building enterprise PJSC Kryukov Railway Car Building Plant owns a large amount of know-how, patents and unique technical solutions. We are honoured to present a number of innovations in the field of transport engineering at the TransCaspian 2018 exhibition in Baku.

In particular, it is motor-car rolling stock - high-speed two-system electric trains that can speed up to 250 km / hour which are designed to provide passenger traffic on the railway network. The body of these wagons is made of stainless steel. The design of the train cars is in full compliance with the requirements of sanitary standards for ergonomics, microclimate, lighting, noise and vibrations, as well as safety requirements for all finishing and facing materials. The interiors of the salons, which have a modern design, are made of plastic and metal panels using wear-resistant, environmentally friendly, hard-to-fire materials. If necessary, they are easily dismantled and give access to life support systems for wagons during their operation.

I can also mention subway cars with an asynchronous traction drive (alternating current), which can be effectively operated in the Baku Metro.

I am confident that the products of our enterprise will win the due attention of professional visitors of the exhibition, and we will be able to establish effective, mutually beneficial co-operation.