Life of a modern Agrocomplex

Life of a modern Agrocomplex

6 june 2024 0000

Our Agrocomplex was commissioned in 2023. In order to streamline import-export procedures and transit operations, FoodCity Agrocomplex offers a wide array of services to both local and foreign producers, as well as suppliers of fruits and vegetables.

Within the complex, there are specialized infrastructure zones equipped with cutting-edge technology, including a logistics center, a "Single Window" system, a laboratory, a refrigeration and warehouse complex, and public catering facilities. The region's premier food safety laboratory conducts 24 types of analyses and over 400 tests daily.

The "Single Window" system ensures the collaborative efforts of government agencies and private enterprises in the registration and shipment of agricultural and other products. Over the past period, our terminal processed shipments of 16 thousand trucks and approximately 1,200 wagons through the “Single Window” system. We can load about 65 wagons simultaneously, ensuring compliance with sanitary and hygienic standards.

A sizable, refrigerated barn, comprising 74 chambers, has been constructed on the premises of the Agrocomplex. This facility can accommodate storage of up to 18 thousand tons of products. Additionally, there are two machines dedicated to sorting, calibrating, and palletizing fruits. In the previous year, approximately 500 tons of cherries were sorted using this equipment.

The terminal is equipped with scales for measuring axle loads and statistical weights of trucks, with 200 machines being serviced on a daily basis. At the same time, all relevant information about the trucks is transmitted to the border, aiding in reducing the time required to cross the state border. Warehouses with the designation of temporary customs storage hold significant importance. Overall, the complex boasts a cargo transshipment capacity of 500 thousand tons annually.

Our company is participating for the first time in the International Exhibition “Transport, Transit, Logistics”. Our primary objectives include increasing our visibility, finding partners, and expanding our customer base. We have recently entered into a collaboration agreement with SGS, the global leader in testing, inspection, and certification services. Clients can now store and transport their goods through our terminal with the assurance of receiving the necessary quality certification.

At the exhibition, fruitful discussions were held with logistics companies regarding our multimodal transit transportation services through Azerbaijan. Agreements for collaboration in this area were successfully reached.

I can confidently state that we are planning to participate in the next exhibition in an expanded capacity. Our subsidiary, Food city Allians, specializing in rail transportation, will also be joining us.

Anar Aghayev, Chief Executive Officer, FOOD CITY AGROCOMPLEX