Modern transportation, responsiveness, insurance...

Modern transportation, responsiveness, insurance...

1 june 2023 0000

Murvat Abdullayev, Sales Manager, TEZ Logistics LLC (Azerbaijan):

TEZ Logistics is a provider of complete global cargo delivery and storage solutions, covering all destinations and transportation modes. Our services are primarily focused on Russia, European countries, Türkiye, Central Asia, and China.

We provide warehousing, customs, brokering, and 3PL services that are effectively a solutions package encompassing the entire cycle from storage through to delivery to end users. What distinguishes us from other companies is that all transport facilities we offer are 100% new and equipped with cutting-edge equipment. We set a lot of store by responsiveness, which undoubtedly should guarantee the optimal solution to a problem posed by the customer. All cargoes we handle are insured, providing another level of protection for our customers.

This is the first time TEZ Logistics has participated in TransLogistica Caspian; It is our objective to establish contacts and set up mutually beneficial cooperation with other companies. We hope we will get great results!