Our company has 275 offices in 153 cities!

Our company has 275 offices in 153 cities!

31 may 2023 0000

Emil Imamov, head of the representative office of CJ ICM Logistics in Azerbaijan:

CJ ICM Logistics is a Korean-Turkish joint venture operating in Azerbaijan since 2003. CJ ICM Logistics is a leading international logistics service provider with operations in 41 countries. The company has 275 offices in 153 cities and specializes in project logistics. We have our own lifting and transportation equipment.

Our company will be 20 years old in September, which is why we decided to participate in TransLogistica Caspian for the first time. Our goal is to find new business partners and strengthen our existing contacts. The exhibition's atmosphere is businesslike, but at the same time very positive, which helps to establish new contacts. I hope that this participation will be beneficial not only in terms of demonstrating our capabilities but also in terms of expanding our activities.