Outstanding exhibition results for our company!

Outstanding exhibition results for our company!

6 june 2024 0000

Founded in 1992 in Latvia, SIGIS specializes in providing information services and information technology for railway transport.

This year marks our debut at the International Exhibition "Transport, Transit, Logistics". Our showcase includes two products: a decade-old information system for tracking wagons and containers (Railwagon Location), and a newly developed Automated Management System (ASUP) tailored for logistics companies, with a specific focus on rail logistics, encompassing maritime components.

Our selection of the Baku exhibition was no coincidence. Azerbaijan's significance in the current geopolitical landscape is on the rise. The country is evolving into a pivotal “East-West” transit corridor, circumventing Russia and the “North-South”. Moreover, I’ve heard there are plans for a new route passing through Nakhchivan in the future. Hence, SIGIS opted to present its products at TransLogistica Caspian.

Travelling to Baku and meeting potential partners in person is fantastic! In face-to-face interactions, we can gather a wealth of information and truly understand our clients' needs. I am excited to share that within just one day of the exhibition, we were able to secure partnerships with approximately ten local companies. This reaffirms the importance of such specialized events. With a diverse array of companies from around the globe in attendance, clients can easily explore various services all in one place. Exhibitions offer valuable opportunities for companies to engage with potential clients, gain insights into their needs, and assess market dynamics. Unlike data analytics, exhibitions provide a more holistic view of the market.

Reflecting on the outcomes of the exhibition for our company, we are confident in our decision to continue showcasing our services on this international platform.

Nikolajs Mandrukevičs, Director of Development, SIGIS