Port of Baku – a Bridge between the West and the East, the North and the South

Port of Baku – a Bridge between the West and the East, the North and the South

7 june 2024 0000
‘Baku International Merchant Sea Port’ is a state organisation that plays a key role in cargo shipping
between the West and the East. Started in 2014, the construction of the port in the settlement called
Alyat had its first phase accomplished in 2018.
The Port of Baku is also a major logistical hub. Every year, the bulk of cargo haulage from Asia to Europe
and back goes across Azerbaijan. And this, in turn, means new jobs and an inflow of money to the
country to boot.
The shipping statistics increases with each year. Whilst we carried more than 3 mn tonnes of cargoes in
2018, it was up to 7.3 mn tonnes in 2023, which signals the yield of the investments.
Importantly enough, the Port of Baku is a bridge between the West and the East, the North and the
South. First, a cargo shipment is brought to us; it is then distributed and sent further to appropriate
destinations. A train carrying 45 containers with goods from China arrives at our place. Here, the
containers are separated: some of them will travel on to Italy, others will go to Spain and yet others to
The Port of Baku has gained in importance against the background of global geopolitical changes and
because of the sanctions imposed on cargo transportation between Russia and Ukraine.
We have a container holding site with the capacity of 100,000 TEU, which is big for the region. The staff
of the Port of Baku constantly go to other countries’ ports to learn their working principles and logistical
levels so as to enrich themselves with useful experience. We can safely say therefore that our port is the
most advanced one in the region. We plan to build a five-star logistical centre eventually.
The annual cargo-handling capacity of the Port of Baku equals 15 mn tonnes and 100 000 TEU in
It is decided, following the decree of President Ilham Aliyev, to start the second phase of the
construction the completion of which will push the cargo-handling capacity to 25 mn tonnes and
500 000 TEU in containers. Why so much attention paid to container haulage, one might ask. Well, the
thing is, the future of cargo haulage around the world is tied in those boxes due to their comfortable and
safe handling.
The Port of Baku obtained the status of a ‘green port’ of the region in 2019. The certificate was updated
in 2021. The equipment minimising wastewater dumping into the sea was installed in 2019; besides, we
have minimised motored transport on the premises. The port has 9 modern gantry cranes that run on
electricity rather than derv. We have been using electrical forklifts since last year whilst our diesel
transport runs on special blends that reduce carbon emissions. We also use rainwater to technical ends.
The Port of Baku has been the first state organisation to join the UN SDG – in 2021, that was. We plan to
reduce to a naught hazardous gas emissions by 2035. We are also intent on keeping the water basins
clean, protecting and promoting wildlife on the islands round the port. We can watch the wintering
flamingo flocks there thanks to that. Besides, the Port of Baku area is populated by more than 70 bird
species; many hares and seagulls can be seen on the Ghil Island. Wildlife protection is one of our main
The Port of Baku is involved in not only the logistical exhibitions held in Azerbaijan; rather, it is equally
as interested in international events. Ours is a new organisation whilst the infrastructure was not
formed so long ago compared with Europe. So, such specialised exhibitions therefore let us showcase
the advantages of our infrastructure directly to international logistical companies and cargo owners.

Elmar Habibli, Head of the Press Service, Baku International Merchant Sea Port