Potential cooperation between Belarusian and Azerbaijani companies

Potential cooperation between Belarusian and Azerbaijani companies

1 june 2023 0000

Lyubov Agalova, General Director, Belarusian Research Institute of Transport "Transtekhnika":

We are the leading R&D center of the Ministry of Transport and Communications of Belarus, and it has been our second time as a representative of Belarusian transportation and logistic industry at TransLogistica Caspian. Our stand represents quite a few enterprises and companies, including OJSC Minsk Car Repair Plant, road freighters etc. As many as seventy Belarusian transportation and logistic companies, air and railway carriers among them, are presented here. Linked to many countries of the world, Azerbaijan offers a lot of promise in this respect.

Our first day at TransLogistica Caspian was highly productive, and we hope the event will bring us some new contracts to the benefit of Azerbaijan's and Belarus' industries. For instance, we have already set up a meeting between the Minsk Car Repair Plant and CJSC Azerbaijan Railways, with passenger traffic being one of topics for discussion.