Successful support for Azerbaijan`s logistics sector

Successful support for Azerbaijan`s logistics sector

31 May 2023 0000

Tural Mammadov, Head of Sales Department, IKRA Logistika LLC:

IKRA Logistika - one of the largest companies in Azerbaijan in its segment - has been participating in the TransLogistica Caspian exhibition for 5 years now. In our opinion, this serves to support the logistics sector of Azerbaijan and has a positive impact on the image, preservation, and development of the company's potential, as not every market participant has the necessary resources and can present its achievements competently.

In addition, the exhibition ensures the maintenance of existing business relations, helps to find new customers and enter new markets. You know, it's not hard to find promising relations, but it's much harder to maintain them. This is where a tool like the exhibition comes to the rescue. Previous years of participation have been successful; we hope that this year, we will also be proud of the results of TransLogistica Caspian.

IKRA Logistika works mainly with Turkiye and European countries, but our portfolio also includes the Far East, USA, Africa, and Arab countries. I believe that in the foreseeable future, we will be able to expand our business and make an even greater contribution to the economy of our country.