The exhibition is very good in terms of experience exchange

The exhibition is very good in terms of experience exchange

7 june 2024 0000

‘I attend the Translogistica constantly due to my occupation that has to do with transportation. The exhibition is well-arranged as usual. The cargo haulage sector is presented lavishly here and it is traditional. I, however, was more drawn to passenger transportation because I carry the company staff using small and medium-size vehicles. I have had several interesting meetings here at the Expo Centre with the representatives of the companies that practise such experience of commuting personnel to work and back to locations comfortable in terms of moving on home – as well as to various meetings and dos. Overseas companies’ experience in organising such transportations was especially interesting.

Overall, and as regards the exhibition, you are convinced once again that it is one of the effective means of communication as far as business liaisons are concerned. The exhibition is good in terms of experience exchange between representatives of businesses from different tiers. That business activity that I have observed at the corporate stands goes to confirm this fact.

Bayram Suleymanov, Transport Co-ordinator at Pasha Həyat Sığorta