The goal: to improve networking

The goal: to improve networking

31 may 2023 0000

Vagif Hamedov, Advisor to the CEO of Alliance Logistics Ltd:

Alliance Logistics was established in 2018 to transport all types of cargo, including oil, construction materials, food, etc., in its railcars. Our company has 100 units of covered wagons and additional containers, which are used for technical flights.

It should be noted that Alliance Logistics is the operator of the Agroexpress project implemented jointly with Russian Railways Logistics JSC. The Agroexpress project provides for the transportation of food products and foodstuffs in the appropriate temperature regimes.

The activity of our company is wide, and our participation in TransLogistica Caspian is aimed at improving networking - connections between logistics companies, operators, and carriers - as well as expanding the customer base and increasing transportation capacity through multimodality.