Top-notch solutions in the field

Top-notch solutions in the field

25 May 2023 0000

Andrey Volgai, Head of Sales Division, AXELOT Group of Companies

We in AXELOT Group of Companies develop and implement cutting-edge logistic information systems and specialize in optimization and automatization of logistic business processes. Over 1,000 companies in 18 countries around the globe utilize AXELOT solutions to increase the speed, transparency, and manageability of their material flows.

TransLogistica Caspian 2023 exhibition will see us demonstrating our state-of-the-art and widespread warehouse and transport logistics management systems, AXELOT WMS and AXELOT TMS, as well as our advanced container terminal automation solution, AXELOT TOS. We strongly believe that trade, transportation, and logistic companies in Azerbaijan must have only the best solutions in their disposal, and that is the reason why we are here today.

What we are offering are solutions that have proven themselves as the best in the industry; by utilizing our systems and thus improving their logistic processes, major companies save as much as dozens of millions of dollars each year. Looking to develop business in Azerbaijan, our offer goes above and beyond a mutually beneficial cooperation and includes a full-fledged partnership for the long years to come. We are eager to share our expertise, skills, and practices in optimization and automation of logistic processes.

We in AXELOT believe such specialized exhibitions are a must-have; no matter how much online formats have progressed, nothing will ever be able to replace live communication. It is only face-to-face experience such events provide that help people meet so many experts in the region, as well as shape an expert community and develop their business. This is just why we in AXELOT have never missed TransLogistika exhibitions; likewise, this year we are presenting our solutions at TransLogistica Caspian 2023.