Transportation directions: Azerbaijan, Russia, Turkey, and Europe

Transportation directions: Azerbaijan, Russia, Turkey, and Europe

12 June 2019 0000

Shamil Suleymanov, AZ Logistika and Management Services Sales Manager

- AZ Logistika is engaged in transportation of goods both within the country and internationally. We specialize in the transportation of safe and dangerous goods, the subsequent disposal of waste: oil and oil-containing liquids, waste and formation water, wood, plastic and metal waste. We use refrigerators for cargoes requiring temperature control, tilted vehicles for the carriage of goods requiring protection from adverse weather conditions, tankers for fuel transportation, vacuum (cesspool) machines for pumping out and transporting sewage and dangerous goods, etc. The main directions of our transportation are Azerbaijan, Russia, Turkey, European countries.

Participation in the exhibition allows us to share detailed information about the activities of AZ Logistika, find new partners and communicate with regular customers. Most of all, we are interested in meetings with representatives of organizations interested in implementing stable transportation within the country and abroad. It can be manufacturing companies, hotbeds, etc., as well as individuals.

We would also like to establish cooperation with exhibitors with experience in the transportation of such goods. We have already participated several times in this exhibition and were convinced of its effectiveness, since we were able to hold a number of important meetings and conclude lucrative contracts.