We offer innovative logistics-related solutions

We offer innovative logistics-related solutions

12 june 2018 0000

Vainius Kaunietis, Executive Director, Arijus

- Arijus is one of the major freight forwarding companies in Lithuania, which became the founder of container cargo transportation in the country. Today Arijus carries out freight forwarding by sea, road and railway; its services include combined transportation, door-to-door delivery, professional transportation of dangerous and oversized cargo, warehousing, etc.

Two years ago we visited this exhibition in Baku as visitors, and today we have our own stand; we want to present our company in the Azerbaijani market. Innovative solutions of Arijus are important for the city and the region: the enterprise has attracted a number of large marine transport companies to Klaipėda port, opened the first in Lithuania short-range shipping line, created the concept of a shuttle train and implemented trial transportation. We are ready to bring our advanced experience to the Azerbaijani market. The company can offer transportation services for transportation from Europe to CIS countries, including Azerbaijan. We want to demonstrate the advantages of using the supply corridor from Europe through the Baltic ports - Klaipeda, Riga and Tallinn.

The exhibition in Baku, in our opinion, is rather compact. Nevertheless, we have already had a number of interesting meetings and hope for positive results. Most of us are interested in importers and exporters of goods from Europe to Azerbaijan, as well as large logistics companies, with whom we would like to establish mutually beneficial cooperation.